THE TILLER EFFECT  |  February 11 - March 13, 2010

The exhibition’s title derives from an expression describing certain steering mechanisms that entail turning in the opposite direction of where you want to go - turn left to go right, turn right to go left.  It is a counterintuitive movement that involves a rhythmic balance of contradiction.

The artists in the show are equally engaged with movements or gestures that disrupt an intuitive sense of balance. Form, material, and intention are explored as unstable states and presented at the threshold of disequilibrium.  Balance is antithetically conceived of as a dynamic and fluctuating state.  The work within the show is perpetually disrupting a rational Euclidean plane and advocating for a space in which the subject is constantly negotiating her/his environment.

Artists: Charlotte Becket, Christian Maychack, Chad Mitchner, Kristine Moran, Benjamin Tiven. 

Curated by Emmy Mikelson

Work by Kristine Moran

Work by Kristine Moran